• < hello world.

    My name is Andrew Janssen.

    I initiate and clarify.

  • < software is living.

    We use software to change the world. With careful guidance and continous adjustment, we fit and refit software to our lives.

    Software is a personal, relational, progressive process.

  • < self-definition is power.

    Selectivity is the hallmark of freedom. We create the boundaries of our identity and products when we say “no”.

    Urgency makes me invest in the right projects.

  • < my values work.

    Here are some things I've done.

    Connecting the world with internet.org.
    Panda Strike
    Built video distribution and content systems with Disney Interactive.
    Mentored Ruby on Rails students.
    Helped build a Bitcoin marketplace.
    A Small Consultancy
    Directed development of a Ruby on Rails studio.
    United States Army
    Created educational tools for Fort Benning, Georgia and Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.
    Electronic Arts
    Improved internal tooling. Optimized Madden '06 (XBOX 360) graphics. A high score on the Joust machine.

    Download my CV: web, print.

  • < business is relationships.

    Business isn't building products— it's building relationships. Our relationships create our products.

    Mediocre companies happen when people stop facing themselves and each other in conflict and vulnerability.

  • < i'm more than ideals.

    I love electronic music, swimming, reading, design, photography, listening, speaking. I love ritual but die without new ideas. Breakfast is the best meal of the day. I know secrets that I won't tell you. Life is an endurance sport.

    I initiate and clarify, one git rebase at a time. You should probably talk with me if you want to know more. Say hello with email or twitter.

    I believe in you.